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How Can You Achieve Extraordinary Results Among Your Employees?

In Dr. Travis Bradberry’s article, Should Leaders Focus on Results or People? he reviewed James Zenger’s survey of over 60,000 employees to see which leadership characteristics made leaders “great†in the eyes of their employees. Two of the characteristics that Zenger looked at were “results-focused†and “people-focusedâ€, and he found that neither characteristic consistently produced great leadership. The best leadership comes from those who can focus equally on results and motivate people to be their best, without losing sight of the bigger picture. This balance enables them to achieve extraordinary results, because they do these five things that few other leaders can accomplish.

1. They deliver feedback flawlessly

2. They put the right team of people together to execute a plan

3. They solve problems as a team

4. They hire the best employees

5. They balance work & fun

As Arizona’s premier staffing leader, Professional Placement has been perfecting this “balance†for over 60 years, delivering high results for our clients who are looking to add top talent to their teams. We understand the complex balance that must be achieved during the hiring process, both for the candidates and for the employers.

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